Vanishing Bees – 2017

A series by Barbara Grogan

Flowers are a beautiful sight to behold.  Without bees they would cease to exist along with many other plants.

My flower paintings are a reminder to be kind to one of our greatest allies in providing flora and food.  Plenty of information is available citing the causes of endangerment, however, my quest is to provide ways to help replenish our precious bee population.

How You Can Help!

Enhance your garden with favorites including Rosemary, Lavender, Thyme & Chives, wildflowers, bushes & fruit trees.

Buy organic!

Use Praying Mantis and Lady Bugs for pest control.  Be mindful of pesticides, even organic ones.  Dusts are more hazardous than liquids.  Spray early in the morning or right before dark.  Don’t spray anything while in bloom.

Bees are not attracted to plants that are budded or when blossoms have dropped their petals.  And did you know the only color bees do not see is red?

Support your local beekeepers or become one!  Here are a few sites to find out more information.

Your efforts make a difference!

"It is the inspiration from the earth's beautiful environment that allows me to create paintings with vibrancy and movements that speak to the soul . I paint what speaks to me and I hope you enjoy the journey".

Barbara Grogan, Artist